Green Feat Performs Live!


Green Feat is proud to have committed to an ongoing series of public lectures and education forums about sustainability.  I intend to bring you ever more that you need to know to understand our situation, to make informed choices, and to quantifiably improve tomorrow. All peoples and all civilizations are dependent upon only five things: food, water, energy, climate, and biodiversity, so I shall help others feel informed and empowered on each of those topics. We'll talk about transportation, improving our health and well-being, how our psychology and our instincts shape our decision making, about our economy and ways to personally save you money. We'll talk about forests and oceans and deserts.  We will follow world events.  We will talk about planned de-growth, which is like voluntarily taking on a healthy diet to improve our well-being rather than starvation. I'll encourage you to spend less time working and more time living, to consume less but better, and find happiness in replacing the never-ending pressure to accumulate more stuff with significant human relationships and conviviality.  I will sing, hopefully we will laugh together, and to the best of my ability, I will bring you all the tools I can to take the reins of our ecological destiny and drive it somewhere awesome.

We’ve appeared at McMaster University and Mohawk College, the Hamilton Farmer’s Market, Earth Day Hamilton at the RBG, for local public school students, on CFMU radio, events, the Hamilton Fringe Festival, Doors Open Hamilton, and more.  I am available to speak at other venues and on specific topics most pertinent to your event or assembly, with a growing focus on lunch and learn events.  If you, your group, your staff or customers, or your friends would like to be more informed about the state of our world and the incredible possibilities to make it better, please contact me.

A small selection of posters for previous events are below. 

                                                  What’s a Panglossian Disorder?