The Green Dollar Economy


Our economy is the only aspect of our world that we apparently believe can grow forever without any ill effects.  If our bodies never stopped growing, we would outgrow our clothes,  our homes, and our communities.  We imagine at some moment when we were shopping for pants the size of the Chrysler building, drinking coffee by the tanker, and hungry for a sandwich as big as a sports stadium we would feel a little silly, things would seem very crowded, and we’d look worryingly at the ceiling of the sky.  In nature, things grow until they are mature and then they stop growing and direct their energy to healthy maintenance.  As our economic activities deplete our world’s available resources and our growing emissions create ever more environmental concerns, it is time to consider what a mature economy will look like.  The shift to a sustainable economy is unavoidable.  By taking steps towards behaving like we are already in a sane stable state economy, we pave the way for success on all fronts.  We have included here both a blog and a podcast about the shape of business to come and the tools and perspectives that will add up to sustainable success. 

The only chart you need to see.  Data Source: World Watch Institute